Stunning Destinations to Tour in Cincinnati

 Along the Flavors of the Queen City tour, you will have the opportunity to sample the cuisine and local delicacies of 6, sometimes 7, different restaurants. Learn more about some of the restaurants located along the tour such as the variety of food and the distinct atmosphere of each destination.
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Our restaurant selections are always changing and some of our Flavors tours  may visit French Crust, Rheingeist, Skyline Chili (for our out of town guests), 3 Sweet Girls Cakery, Corkopolis and Holtmans donut shop.
  • Visit 6-7 restaurants
  • Tours are on Fridays and Saturdays at 1:00 PM
  • Tours take 3 hours to complete, so wear your walking shoes
  • Learn about area's history and the German influence on the community
  • Speak with some of the chefs about their dishes
  • The tour begins in the heart of Cincinnati at Fountain Square
  • Tours are $54 per person
  • The oldest food tour in Cincinnati
  • For reservations, contact us or BOOK NOW ONLINE
Motorcycle Exhibit | Garage Brewed
Hathaway Coffee Shop Storefront
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